Whitening Lounge

Reviving Your Radiant Smile

Bespoke Whitening Lounge provides an energetic experience, with space for friends, family, entertainment, and an express whitening cleaning service for individuals and parties. The lounge provides professional whitening, cleaning treatments, and aesthetic product application for our loyal customers who are seeking extraordinary smiles through efficient and effective treatment. This is all done within our remarkably comfortable and convenient setting. The lounge also specializes in hosting parties prior to weddings, birthdays, graduations, events, and special outings for groups of all sizes.


There is no pain and no sensitivity with our whitening system! The results last 6 to 12 months and it only takes 20 minutes in our office! Whether it’s for a special event or just something you’ve thought about doing for a long time, whitening your teeth can have a huge impact on your appearance and overall confidence. We love to see our patients smiling a little brighter after they’ve left their treatments

Cleaning Treatments with the exclusive Airflow Warm Water System

Coffee, tea, wine…the fun things in life tend to not be so fun for our teeth. Discoloration is common over the years, but with regular cleaning treatments, especially with the exclusive Airflow warm water system, your smile can be refreshed to reveal a whiter smile that looks years younger.

Esthetic Product Application

Now that your smile is bright and shining, why not add a take home professional whitening brush to complete the experience? Bespoke dentistry provides a high-end whitening brush for as needed use to help you keep your smile its whitest, from start to finish! It's easy to apply, like nail polish but for your teeth and it only takes 10 minutes!

Host an event to smile about

Private Parties

Schedule whitening treatments individually or with a group for a spa-like experience that will leave everyone smiling. Whether it’s for a bridal shower, a birthday, or individually for yourself, put your feet up, pop some champagne, enjoy catering options, and let us pamper your pearly whites.
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